Discover Santa Ana's Cannabis Scene 

Santa Ana is a California destination that is pioneering the modern-day cannabis experience. We are home to a wide variety of cannabis points of interest including large immersive attraction-like cannabis shops, off-the-beaten-track wellness-style boutiques, and seasonal cannabis events that double as special cultural celebrations unique to our flavor and style. 

In addition to the Santa Ana cannabis experiences, we are home to a multicultural playground of complimentary sensory experiences that will delight your cannabis-enhanced senses. In true ‘California sober’ trend style, Effect Pairing cannabis with signature foodie activities is a Santanero artform. Discover, imbibe, and enjoy our cannabis-inclusive destination.

Absolutely everyone is invited to explore our memorable cannabis scene. Regardless of your interest or experience with cannabis, Santa Ana offers experiences that will accommodate whatever you are seeking. Are you interested in learning how cannabis can help with sleep or chronic pain? Are you interested in a CBD-infused massage for relaxation? Are you wanting to sample a locally-made cannabis edible or puff on a pre-roll? All are possible in Santa Ana, from the canna-curious to the seasoned connoisseur we’ve got you covered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While cannabis is legal to purchase from licensed retailers in California, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public. For safe travel tips, please review these Know Before You Go tips.


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