Cannabis Tourism Glossary



A flowering plant with unique natural therapeutic compounds that support wellness. Cannabis is one of the most powerful regenerative and renewable resources on earth.



A well-informed cannabis enthusiast.



One who is discovering the world of cannabis.



Someone who is new to the world of Cannabis and is just beginning exploration.



A botanical term that describes plants cultivated and selectively bred to have distinct and desirable characteristics and effects. Another term is variety, strain, or chemovar.



How cells communicate within the human body. CBD and THC are two types of cannabinoids. They dock on receptors found throughout the human endo-cannabinoid system including receptors in the gut, brain, and central nervous system.



Aromatic compounds found in throughout the plant kingdom that create the characteristic of scent such as pine, lavender, or lemon.  Terpenes influence the sensory effects one feels when consuming a cannabis.


Adult-use or ‘Recreational’    

Cannabis purchased and consumed by any adult over twenty-one (21) years of age, who does not possess a physician's recommendation for medicinal cannabis.


Full Spectrum    

A complete and holistic range of natural compounds found in cannabis plants, whole plant therapeutics.


Broad Spectrum    

A manufactured cannabis product that does not offer the full spectrum of health benefits that cannabis offers. A broad spectrum formulated cannabis product often has removed the THC molecule and/or other compounds to meet formulation compliance for a specific product category.


Mindset and Setting   

The internal (mindset) and external (setting) factors that influence one’s cannabis experience.


Flow State    

Also referred to as a ‘runners high’ or ‘being in the zone’. Flow State is an optimal state of consciousness. Sense of self, time, and space dissolve; to feel present in the moment and completely immersed in an activity or experience.



A natural plant or fungi that has the capacity to facilitate an altered state of consciousness when consumed.


Effect Pairing    

The art of selecting and consuming a cannabis cultivar or product, in an effort to optimally enhance a specific activity or experience.



A customer service person at cannabis retail shops. Not sure where to start? Wondering what the difference is between two products? A budtender can provide recommendations and suggestions based on their training, knowledge, and experience.

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