Please describe your role with Farmacy Santa Ana.

As a Floor Lead at Farmacy Santa Ana, I've had the privilege of working with this fantastic company for the past five years. Being a native of Santa Ana, I have a deep connection to our community, and I take great pride in contributing to its well-being.

At Farmacy Santa Ana, I am passionate about our company's culture, especially how it values and treats employees and customers. Our commitment to maintaining the SB34 program is just one example of our dedication to making a positive impact. Our shop's Mom and Pop vibe creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes every day at work enjoyable. I cherish the relationships I build with our customers and co-workers, and I take pride in the unique shopping experience and educational resources we provide. Our customers often commend us for our exceptional service and the genuine care we show.

Outside work, I love spending time with my son, our two cats, two fish, and dog. I also enjoy rock climbing, exercising, and creating abstract glow-in-the-dark art.

Farmacy Cannabis Shop


What is the origin story behind Farmacy Santa Ana?

Farmacy Santa Ana's journey began on Black Friday 2016, originally opening as Bud and Bloom OC. From the start, our focus has been on community, education, and curating the finest cannabis products. Three years ago, we rebranded to Farmacy Santa Ana to align with our sister stores and further solidify our mission. Our motto, "Plants Over Pills," reflects our commitment to promoting natural, plant-based solutions.

We take great pride in our initiatives, such as hosting the World-Famous Senior Shuttle, which gained recognition on CNN, and supporting impactful organizations like the Weldon Project and [Mission Green].

What makes your store's experience special for visitors to Santa Ana?

Farmacy Santa Ana is a unique destination, attracting visitors from hours away to experience our exceptional wellness corner and engage with our highly educated cannabis advisors. Our store boasts a wide variety of cannabis products, including those with minor cannabinoids, non-intoxicating options, spa products, and renowned legacy brands such as Ridgeline, Redwoods, Liquid Flower, OM, Space Gems, Humboldt Sunrise Farms, Huckleberry Nasha, and Talking Trees. Additionally, we offer a great selection of edibles and drinks.

What truly sets Farmacy Santa Ana apart is our knowledgeable and friendly staff, the inviting boutique atmosphere with products beautifully displayed, and our commitment to competitive pricing. To enhance the customer experience, we offer a daily strategic pricing model, a loyalty program, and a convenient app. To further support and educate our community, we host a bi-weekly webinar series and proudly welcome pets, making our store animal-friendly.

What is your favorite local Santa Ana food or restaurant?

My favorite restaurant in Santa Ana is Navarro's Taqueria (pictured). It's a fantastic spot with delicious food that truly captures the essence of our local cuisine. Their homemade tortillas, tacos, and masa are simply outstanding. I also recommend checking out El Gallo Giro for the best juicy tortas in town.

Navarro's Taqueria tacos

What are some signature activities that you recommend to visitors?

For a taste of local culture, I recommend Friday Night Munchies at Bristol and Edinger. On Fridays, you can enjoy delicious food and immerse yourself in the vibrant Hispanic culture. On Sunday nights, the same location transforms into a lively car show.

Another great spot is 4th Street, where you can stroll any day of the week and explore a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. Don't miss the 4th Street Market(pictured) where visitors can find a diverse array of dining options to suit different tastes and budgets.

4th Street Market