Our People

It's no secret Santa Ana is the heart of Orange County. With over 300,000 residents, our historic city is a true cultural melting pot, defined by the people and neighborhoods that give us our local identity. 

Through thick and thin, our residents have stuck by to turn the city into one of Southern California's most important cultural hubs. Our roots run deep in the region's history.

There's a magic to Santa Ana that's difficult to describe. It's not just the sunny weather or the diverse communities that make us Santaneros. Our mix of cultures, flavors, stories, and experiences is what truly defines us.

We're uniquely Orange County and unapologetically Santa Ana.

A Culture of Cultures in Santa Ana

Our story is one made up of many cultures. As Californians, we embrace those who came before us. As Santaneros, we wouldn't be who we are without the generations of immigrants, farmers, workers, and community leaders who shaped Orange County.

We're home to the largest Latino community in the O.C., and we're proud of it. Calle Cuatro (4th Street) features crafts, food, and cultural programming that highlight our Hispanic heritage.

Similarly, the Asian communities of Santa Ana have made their presence known and continue making significant contributions to the area's development. Did you know Southern California is home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam?

Take a stroll to discover diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, from homestyle banh-mi sandwiches to hot bowls of pho; there’s always something new to try. And only a few miles West of Downtown Santa Ana you’ll find Little Saigon’s vibrant atmosphere.

Orange County Original

As Santaneros, we're proud of our originality. From the eclectic cuisine around town to the handcrafted goods and services produced by our different communities. As a city, we forge our own path and define ourselves by supporting one another.

Santa Ana restaurants are chock-full of creativity and spirit. Our homegrown chefs work hard to give their dishes a distinct flare that screams Orange County. From the many family owned Vietnamese restaurants serving up phō, to Sariñana’s Tamale Factory cooking classic Mexican fare, Santa Ana is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights.

If you're still not convinced about our city's creativity, you'll need to visit Orange County’s first distillery, The Blinking Owl, or the bustling art scene at the Grand Central Arts Center in downtown Santa Ana.

From skateboarders and musicians to craftspeople and chefs, we come together to form a tight-knit community where originality reigns supreme.

Celebrating Each Other

Belonging to a diverse community means celebrating together. As Santaneros, we take pride in our annual celebrations marking the many people who make this city unique.

The Mexican Independence Festival and the Dia De Los Muertos Festival highlight the area's vibrant Latino heritage. Likewise, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Rosita Park features dancing, music, and fireworks to celebrate Vietnamese Lunar Year festivities.

Discover Our Santa Ana Story

Santa Ana has changed drastically over the years. From humble beginnings as a California railroad town to a governmental hub and the second largest city in O.C., we've risen above to become a close-knit city made up of people from all walks of life. 

We're a people of people. Join us in writing our story.