Summer is here, and it’s time to get outside! While you're at it, why not combine warm, sunny skies with epic street art, delicious food, and a little something to enhance your experience? In Santa Ana, you can find all of the above and more. 

Like a living, city-sized art museum, Santa Ana is a destination that proudly displays one of Southern California's most extensive collections of murals and public art. Starting with the Chicano movement of the 1960s, artists began painting massive images that commemorate the city’s colorful, multicultural heritage.

Santa Ana is also home to some of the most travel-worthy cannabis shops that feature colorful, large-scale public art murals for your enjoyment. This makes perfect sense because cannabis effects can pair perfectly with an art experience—enhancing colors and shapes, making one feel more present in the moment, and the art more thought-provoking, elevating the experience. 

The Kobe Mural at ASHE Society

In honor of LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who called Orange County home and the nine lives that were lost along with his in 2020, ASHE Society collaborated with three talented artists to design a 90-foot mural to pay tribute to Kobe’s legacy and honor all the victims involved (pictured above). The vivid and touching mural adorns the side of ASHE’s Santa Ana store, and it’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re a basketball fan. 

Muralist painting Kobe Bryant mural at Ashe Society dispensary


Gaia and More at From the Earth

The first thing you might notice when exiting your car in the parking lot of From the Earth dispensary is a colorful nature-inspired mural of Gaia emerging from the earth, along with a bouquet of cannabis flowers covering the back of the building. Inside the shop, you’ll find similar art created by muralists "The Heavy," Kimberly Duran, and Bud Herrera, that capture the beauty and essence of the plant that inspired them. 


Gaia Mural at Mother Earth cannabis dispensary


Sensory Overload at Planet 13

When it comes to selection, Planet 13 Orange County might have the biggest variety of cannabis products to choose from in Santa Ana. But the weed might be the last thing you notice about this visually stunning store. The shop is easy to spot, with a massive red ball fountain sculpture dominating the parking lot, vibrant screens that cover entire walls in the lobby, and a huge octopus sculpture that greets you as you enter the store floor. And if you’re visiting on 4/20, don’t miss their Herbtopia event, where you can enjoy their newly opened smoking lounge.

Octopus at Planet 13 dispensary Fountain in front of Planet 13 dispensary


Pass the Good Vibes at Jaderoom OC

In addition to a cute giraffe sculpture guarding the front door of Jaderoom OC in Santa Ana, stepping into the busy store floor, you’ll see a huge mural featuring cannabis culture and musical icons sharing a positive message: Pass the Good Vibes. And you’ll certainly find everything you need to keep those good vibes going all weekend long at Jaderoom, with a vast selection and helpful budtenders to help you.

Pass the Good Vibes at Jade Room


Iconic Sublime Sun at 420 Central

If you’re a 90s kid, you will instantly recognize the large mural adorning the outside of the 420 Central dispensary from the band Sublime’s album 40 Oz. to Freedom. Sublime hailed from nearby Long Beach, and their song “Smoke Two Joints” was a popular stoner anthem that you’ll definitely want to add to your 4/20 playlist. 


Sublime mural at 420 Central dispensary

Once you’ve stocked up on your cannabis/CBD supplies and warmed up with these beautiful examples of local cannabis-flavored art, plan the rest of your art crawl with the Public Art Guide and map. You’ll also find places to stay, eat, shop, drink, and explore while you’re in the area listed on Travel Santa Ana’s helpful website. 

Enjoy sunny Santa Ana this summer!