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The City of Santa Ana is full of inspiring stories we hope you choose to tell.

As a member of the media, we invite you to experience the character and spirit of Santa Ana that’s unlike any other city in the area.

To qualify for a Travel Santa Ana press visit, we require the following information for consideration:

  • Detailed information on planned editorial coverage of the destination
  • Needs on hosting assistance (accommodations, hosted activities, interview requests, and more)
  • NOTE: Travel Santa Ana offers up to two (2) complimentary nights’ stay. 

To be considered for a Travel Santa Ana press visit, we request you fill out the form below at least 4-6 weeks prior to your arrival date. If you cannot provide 4-6 weeks’ notice, we will offer as much assistance as we can but cannot guarantee your request will be fulfilled.

All inquiries will receive a response within two business days. 

*Film permits are handled by the City of Santa Ana. For details, visit our Film page.

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