Santa Ana Cannabis-Related Stories

Discover what Santa Ana offers those seeking to experience cannabis and CDB offerings. 

The Perfect 4/20 Cannabis Holiday Adventure

Celebrate like a true Santanero with these curated, immersive cannabis effect pairing experiences! The Origin of 420 Imagine San Rafael, California 1971, meet ‘The Waldos’. A group of five high school cannabis-friendly athletes. As the story goes, these fellas caught wind of an abandoned cannabis…

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The Ganja Traveler’s Guide to Santa Ana

When we romanticize California cannabis culture, Humboldt and Mendocino are probably the first areas to come to mind, but that wasn’t always the case. In the 70s and 80s, North County San Diego cannabis was the largest cash agricultural crop in California, outpacing even avocados. Fallbrook…

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Q & A with Glenda Garcia of Cannavision Cannabis Laboratories

What makes Cannavision Laboratories special? Santa Ana is a cannabis industry hub and leader in California, and we are a Santa Ana family business that has been on the forefront of developing modern day best practices for manufacturing for the industry. Prior to starting Cannavision Laboratories…

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The Tropicanna Experience: Where Cannabis Meets Culture

Santa Ana is home to nearly thirty different cannabis shops and deliveries. Experiences range from large-scale attraction-style shops to hyper-local off-the-beaten-path boutiques featuring Santa Ana craft cannabis makers and artisan products on display. “From the beginning, Tropicanna aimed to…

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The Power of CBD

Unveiling its Therapeutic Applications As You Travel Santa Ana A Three-Part Series By Local Medical Expert Dr. Najifa Choudhury Santa Ana is home to some of the very best modern-day cannabis shops. Today, many visitors to Santa Ana are enjoying a cannabis experience as part of their travel…

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Top Cannabis Experiences

#1 - Planet 13 Welcome to a true cannabis attraction. Planet 13 is one of the most well-known cannabis shops today due to its large size and multifaceted sensory experience. Upon entry, LED’s showcase tropical palm tree landscapes on the walls and a realistic ocean shoreline washing across the…

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