reflects the destination’s brand and provides both visitors and residents valuable information on where to stay, play and eat in the city.

Travel Santa Ana, the city’s tourism promotion organization, has launched the official destination website The website incorporates the destination’s brand architecture and features vibrant colors, graphics, and the four Santa Ana signatures.

“Having an official destination website allows us to legitimately compete for visitors planning a trip to Southern California,” said Wendy Haase, president & CEO of Travel Santa Ana. “The official website features images of Santa Ana residents, content reflective of the city’s specialness and valuable information on where to stay, play and eat while experiencing the destination.”

For visitors looking to book hotel accommodations, the website features a “Book Direct” function, allowing them to view accommodation availability and rates during the timeframe in which they wish to visit. They can conveniently book directly with one of the hotels that comprise the Santa Ana Tourism Marketing District.

Visitors can plan their stay around specific events by searching the new events calendar. The new site also allows organizers to submit events that meet specific criteria to garner broader exposure and attract overnight visitors to the destination.

The new website will be utilized by meeting and group travel planners as they plan their conferences and events, they can view meeting space, event venues, dining options, and submit a request for proposal directly to Travel Santa Ana’s sales department for assistance.

One of the website’s highlights is the user-generated content organically curated from social channels highlighting the city’s colorful murals, vibrant nightlife, people, and cultures. Travel Santa Ana will be able to incorporate these images into the organization’s marketing collateral, and image library.

Also included on the new website, is the “Proud Santanero” campaign Travel Santa Ana developed last year.

Future components of the website include:

  • Mural guide that will include a directory of the city’s murals, images, and information about each mural. The tour will include a printable map to encourage visitors to explore not only downtown, but beyond.
  • “Culinary Passport” highlighting the city’s ethnically diverse dining options. The passport will invite visitors to experience the robust culinary offerings for a chance to collect branded Travel Santa Ana prizes.
  • Sports-focused page highlighting the city’s sports fields to attract sporting events and groups.
  • An age-gated cannabis tourism page highlighting the city’s dispensaries, and cannabis activities, including events, and consumption lounges.

Additional content will continually be added to keep the website fresh and engaging.

Travel Santa Ana is Orange County’s newest destination marketing organization (DMO). Despite being the second largest city in Orange County, Santa Ana had not previously had a dedicated tourism promotion entity until the DMO’s official launch in 2021, which was nearly a year in the making.


About Travel Santa Ana:

Travel Santa Ana is the City of Santa Ana’s core tourism promotion organization dedicated to creating long-term and sustainable economic growth for the region and its partners through innovative tourism programs, promotions, and partnerships. Travel Santa Ana is funded by the Santa Ana Tourism Marketing District, which includes 17 hotels and motels in Santa Ana, Calif.