Santa Ana Cannabis-Related Stories

Discover what Santa Ana offers those seeking to experience cannabis and CDB offerings. 

4/20 Weekend Art Crawl Experience in Santa Ana

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to get outside! While you’re at it, why not combine warm, sunny skies with epic street art, delicious food, and a little something to enhance your experience? In Santa Ana, you can find all of the above and more. The 4/20 weekend is the perfect time to set out on…

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The Perfect 4/20 Cannabis Holiday Adventure

Celebrate like a true Santanero with these curated, immersive cannabis effect pairing experiences! The Origin of 420 Imagine San Rafael, California 1971, meet ‘The Waldos’. A group of five high school cannabis-friendly athletes. As the story goes, these fellas caught wind of an abandoned cannabis…

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